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"I shot with the grips yesterday and so far so good. They feel great, look great and I think they'll give greater control. I'll keep you posted on my progress and thanks again."

Custom Sized SA Grips For A Perfect Fit

Grip panels are not made of stretch material.  Therefore, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all grip panel.  Properly sized grip panels are critical for accurate shooting.  If your shots tend to pull to one side of the target, the problem might be the size of the grips you are using.  Trying to compensate for wrong size grip panels is like trying to ride a bicycle that is too tall or too small.  The only way to correct the problem is to purchase a custom pair of grips that fit your hand correctly.  Our Munden Recoil Control Grip panels and Traditional Style grips can be made to any thickness to fit any adult size hand.
Grip size refers to the thickness of the grips.  Small equals thin and Large equals thick.  Size does not relate to width or the fit of the grips to the grip frame.
When a shooter wraps his/her fingers around the grips of a single action, there should be a small gap between the tip of the middle finger to the meaty portion of the palm below the thumb.  If the tip of the finger pushes into or lays on top of the palm of the hand, the grip panels are too small (thin).  If the gap between the tip of the middle finger and palm is too wide, then the grip panels are too large (thick) for the shooter hand. 
One misconception about hand to grip fit is that large hands equals larger grips.  When in fact it is usually the other way around.  A person with large (beefy thick) hands, actually needs thinner grip panels because the extra flesh (fat or muscle tissue) on the palm of the hand acts like padding between the hand and grip panel resulting in less finger reach around the grips.  A shooter with slender (slim with little fat tissue) hands will have a greater finger reach around the grips and will need thicker grip panels.  Now remember, we are talking about the thickness of the hand, not just the overall size.  Finger length also has a lot to do with proper fit.  Long fingers equals greater finger reach and thicker grips.  Shorter fingers equals less finger reach and thinner grips.  The width of your hand doesn't have anything to do with the proper thickness of the grips because the width does not effect grip reach, but if you have a wide hand you might want to consider extended or flat bottom grips.  Another misconception is that women need smaller grips.  Woman often have slender hands with long fingers and will need larger grips.  It is not uncommon for a woman to have a longer trigger and grip reach than a man.  So much for the term "Girly Hands".
Customers may include grip size preference when ordering (small, medium or large).  Customers are also encouraged to provide a tracing of their shooting hand when ordering.  You may also send an old pair of grips that you like the fit of, for Chris to use as a reference for the thickness of the new custom grips.  If no grip size preference or hand tracing is given, the grips will be made to a size medium.
Customers hand tracings and grip sizes are kept on file for future orders. 
How to Make a Hand Tracing
See photo at right of page.  Lightly place your shooting hand palm down on a sheet of paper with thumb and trigger finger spread apart, keeping the remaining three fingers together.  Hold the pencil straight up and down and trace a solid line around the hand and fingers from one side of your wrist to the other.  Without removing your hand from the paper, push down to apply pressure and make a dotted line up from your wrist to the pinky finger, this helps Chris to determine the amount of fat (there's that word again) tissue there is in your hand.
Beveled, Flat or Extended Bottoms
Unless otherwise noted or specified in a custom order, all of our SA grip panels are beveled (angled) at the bottom.  If you would prefer flat or extended, please specify at time of order.
Have a wide hand?  Extended grips are also available.
Photo below shows the three different styles of bottoms as seen if looking at the back of the grips.  Not drawn to any specifications, for demonstration purpose only.
Accounting For Grip Frame Thickness Variations
Grip frame (backstrap and trigger guard) thickness varies from one firearm manufacture and/or model to another.  For each custom pair of Munden Recoil Control Grips, Chris calculates this difference and adds or subtracts that measurement into the thickness for the size grips being made.  This means that if you have both a Colt SAA and a Ruger Blackhawk, both guns will have the same overall grip width dimensions.  One revolver's grips will not feel wider than the other because of the deference in grip frame thickness and will fit the hand the same. 

Birdshead Grips
Extended Grips
           Extended Grips
Birdseye Maple Grips

Hand Tracing

  Hand Tracing
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