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Customer Comments
"Chris, it was worth the wait.  The grips fit perfectly and look terrific on the Blackhawk.  Thanks for your patience and hard work."
Tom G. in Murrieta, CA
"I am absolutely astonished on the work Chris and his engraver completed on my Ruger New Vaquero. I purchased a pair of Quilted Maple grips and the gun feels perfect in my hand, the stain he used makes them stand out against the stainless steel frame.. Simply amazing! In a World of instant gratification, waiting for a custom pair of grips makes one remember that QUALITY is still an American trait! I'll buy from Chris again once I have another pistol to customize and I am VERY proud to contribute to a small business in a country of careless corporations. God has granted Chris a gift that is unmatched in my opinion. Keep up the great work, and for all the single action fans out there, don't pass up this website!"
Mike M. in Parma, OH
"Hi guys, I shot with the grips yesterday and so far so good. They feel great, look great and I think they'll give greater control. I'll keep you posted on my progress and thanks again."
Cisko Guerra, Master Gunfighter, CA 
"My Rodeo was assembled and the grips installed within 15 minutes of the package arriving at my front door.  My mailman is also a friend and I met him half way to the street when I saw he was getting out of his truck with my package.  I set it down on the bench in the garage and opened it right there with him standing there.  To put it simply, I was MOST impressed by your work, the figure in the wood and the fit."
Mike C. in Torrington, CT
"Hi Chris,  The grips arrived.  You did a great job, I couldn't be more pleased.  There is plenty of wood for a perfect fit.  Also, thanks for the very clear instructions.  Thanks and best wishes."
Dave P. in Missoula, MT (Grip Kit)
"I like the feel and fit of the new grips - They fill the hand and give a better feel as well as improving the looks.  I'll be showing them off everywhere and telling folks where to find you"
Norm A. in Carnation, WA
"Chris, I think you out did yourself this time...I am tickled pink with the new grips.  I am going to tell you like I told my wife when she made chili the other night, DON'T LOSE THE RECIPE!"
Jim C. in Tyler, TX
"Hi Chris – I picked up my Cattleman Thursday evening.
Wow!  I was just awestruck when I first saw the grips!  I absolutely love them.  They fit my hand perfectly, and look really striking on my gun.
Thank you so much for the great work you did.  It was an absolute joy working with you!"
Jim K. in Lacey, WA
"Howdie, Just wanted to let you know I tried the grips out today, in a low forty, rainy Seattle end of March day.  I was concerned just how they would perform in the rain and cold, but they were just great! There was no slipping or twisting in the hands.  In the gunfighter mode, the revolvers felt really good, to the point that I quit thinking about them after the first stage!
 And boy, talk about complements.  Quite a number of folks were admiring your handy work! Lots of appreciative complements were spoken.  I handed out a few of your cards and e-mail address.  Hopefully, some good will be sent your way.  I had to chuckle when a few of the folks said that the Rugers felt just like their Colts.  I told them how very close the grips were to that of a Colt.  Surprises all around.  Anyway I am anticipating shooting again tomorrow and give them another try.  Thank you again for all of your help, suggestions and a wonderful pair of grips! If you can use my testimonial in your business web site, please feel free, for I am more than one satisfied customer."
John "Zwarte Piet" P. in Renton, WA
SAS 900"They arrived today at 9:05 this morning. I was so pumped about them coming that I sat out front waiting for them. They are gorgeous! They fit just as you side they would. Can’t wait to take them to my next shoot. Someone asked me if they would be too slick in the hot weather we get here and I was wondering that myself, but the finish on them is just right.

BTY – I originally got you name from your FackBook ad. Don’t think I told  you that, but I know it is hard to tell if FB is worth it. At least in this case it was.

Thank you for all your emails and keeping me in on all the twists and turns. That makes a big difference when one sends his gun away."
Willy Whiskers in Jacksonville, Fl 
"I’ve had the guns for a day now and still love them. I sat in front of the TV last night and pointed them at all the stuff in the room – they felt great.
Willy Whiskers in Jacksonville, Fl
"The grips arrived this weekend and they are as beautiful as I had hoped.  They also add the extra thickness I need for my long hands."
Thomas Z. in Cary, NC
"The grips are beautiful! Thanks again, Chris. It's a pleasure to deal with a true artisan."
Art L. in Palm Beach, FL
“I also built a website for my wares "Coyote Moon Possibles" which will go public soon.  I'll have Cowboy Action matched sets of knife/screw knife, sheath, butt covers, and possible bags for the black powder crowd.  I'll also have a section for grips and I'd love to link up with you and Peggy to show your work off and complete the site.  If you're interested I think we could bring each other some business.  I see you are growing by leaps and bounds as am I.  "Back to Basics" seems to be the key to surviving this economy and how much more basic can you get than forging steel.  I owe all of this in part to you as your craftsmanship got me into doing all this in the first place.  Hope you continue to grow and prosper.  Thanks for the inspiration, Art Loucks” in North Palm Beach, FL

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