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For the DIY folks we have Grip Kits available.  Each Grip Kit is made to order and includes a pair of oversized grips that are not fitted or finished.  Customers may choose a blank from our Grip Blanks page or just let us know what wood you would like the grips made from if a blank is not available on the site.
Only basic hand tools (file, sandpaper, drill for pin location holes and finish) and skills are required to fit and finish the grips.  Panel ferrules are already installed and a new grip screw is included.  Unless requested, pin location holes are not drilled, this allows for more precise fitting of the grips to your grip frame.  Instructions are included with grip kits.
The ordering process for a Grip Kit is the same as ordering a pair of fitted and finished grips.  Please see our How To Order page for more information on ordering.  Call or email to receive more information and estimate for deliver time.
Providing customers with high quality, custom order Ruger and Colt grip panels.
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