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Matching Rugers with fancy walunt grips.  "Photos Courtesy of Norm Aubin"
At Chisel and Plane Workshop, all of our handgun grips are made to order.  This makes every pair of grips unique and one of a kind.  The ordering process is simple; just follow the steps below.
Grip prices for the various woods can be found on the Price List page.  Let us know if you want a set of grips made from a wood type not listed.
Use the form on the Contact Us page to tell Chris Whisler (grip maker) about the grips you would like to order.

Include information such as:

  • Firearm make and model
  • Type of grips (Munden Recoil Control Grip Panels, Traditional Style or Custom), see About Our Grips page for more information about grip panels and hand sizes.
  • One piece grips without screw (Colt and Colt clones only) or two piece panel grips with screw
  • If you want the bottoms angled, flat or extended
  • Type of wood or Inventory number for the wood blank you have chosen
  • Options such as medallions
  • If you would like a pair of fitted and finished grips or a Grip Kit.
  • Your mailing address for calculating return shipping cost.
  • Your telephone number and email address.

After receiving your message, Chris will contact you to further discuss your order and provide additional information such as total cost.  Do not send payment or firearms until after details of the order have been finalized.

For the benefit of our customers and to ensure customer satisfaction, Chris is only making fitted and finished custom grips for customers that are willing to provide their firearm or one piece grip frame (Rugers) for final fitting.  This is due to tolerance variations in grip frames.  Please see our Shipping Guide page for information on shipping a firearm or grip frame to Chisel and Plane Workshop.
Order Form:  Please print and fill out a copy of our Order Form and send it with your payment.  To print the Order Form, click HERE.  There is also a credit card information section on the Order Form to fill out if purchasing with a credit card.
If You Can Not Print The Order Form:  If you are not able to print out the Order Form, write clearly on a sheet of paper the information below and send it with your payment.
  • Full Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Detailed description of the grips you want to order
Payment:  Full payment or 50% deposit (whichever works best for the customer) is due at time of order. 100% payment is due before work will be started on the custom grips. After order and payment are received, the customer is placed on the "Grips to Make" list.  Payment can be made by PayPal, credit card, money order, cashier check or personal check.
Paying with Credit Card:  Please fill out and send by mail a copy of the Order Form or call to give your credit card information over the phone.  Do NOT send credit card information by email.  For your security, we do not keep customer credit card information on file.
Paying by Check or Money Order:  Please make checks and money orders payable to "Chisel and Plane Workshop".
Mailing address:
Chisel and Plane Workshop
117 Running Bear Drive
Sardinia, Ohio 45171-9226
Hand Size:  For Munden Recoil Control Grips, customers may include grip size preference when ordering (small, medium or large).  Along with the size preference, customers are also encouraged to provide a tracing of their shooting hand (photo).  You may also send an old pair of grips that you like the fit of to use as a reference for the thickness of the new grips.  If no grip size preference or hand tracing is given, the grips will be made to a size medium.  Please see our Custom Size Grips page for more information on custom size grips and how to make a hand tracings.  Customers hand tracings and grip sizes are kept on file for future orders.
Turn Around Time:  Grips are made in order received.  After order and payment are received, the customer is placed on the "Grips to Make" list.  You can contact Chris for a current time estimate.  Please keep in mind that your grips will be custom made by hand for you and the best is worth waiting for. 
Staying in Touch:  After a customer has placed an order, Chris sends update emails and stays in close contact with the customer while making the grips.
Please take a look at our About Our Grips page and ask any question you have before ordering.
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